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Hi, there!

Welcome to the xSiteable homepage, the open-source PHP project for a different approach to making web applications; Topic Maps, REST, event-driven, plugin architecture, JQuery, Boilerplate templates, abstract data querying and caching levels, simple widget development, database vendor agnostic (including support for key-value stores, NoSQL, memcached, and so on)

This site is an xSiteable instance, so whatever you find in here you know is included, including things like ;

Under the hood, for you techies out there, we've got;

  • Topic Maps data model
  • REST services and ROA
  • PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • PDO database relience; lots of supported databases
  • Event-based framework, including program flow and no DI issues with object trees
  • Everything is a plugin
  • Structural REST-based access control

Where to find what

Our community develop both the framework and all documentation, and things are placed in different spots;



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