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There are two ways to publish documents: Spidering a file heirachy, or uploading (creating) via the web interface.


xSiteable deals with Documents. A document has an entry in the database and sometimes an associated file which is managed by xSiteable.

Documents can be either controlled or uncontrolled.


Spidering turns files found in a file system into Documents.

Spidered : A file is found on a file server, and replicated into the system as a Document. The system tries to re-synch changes from the file server back into the system if they happen.


otherwise Documents are created through upload, or for example as a Wiki document (pending feature). So ;

Created : Any document created through the GUI (upload, Wiki, editor, etc.)

Controlled Documents

A controlled document is any document with the controlled flag set (which disables spidering, amongst other things). The system stops synchronizing. A flag (for example for the documents owner) can be raised if the timestamp on the file server of a matched file is newer than the controlled Document.

The idea is that once you have a document that is controlled you should remove it from the file server (or archive it elsewhere), but
no harm is done right now if you don't.


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