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This page describes how to install xSiteable and configure it to the point where it is usable.

You may want to check the system requirements.

Create a database

  1. Create a database on the database server
  2. Create a database user with X, Y, Z permissions

Install the scripts on a web server

  1. Get xSiteable and stick it on a web server
    1. Using git: git clone
    2. Using a zip file:
  2. Check the .htaccess file
    1. The last line should show the full path from the URL root to the index.php, e.g. if your site is sitting on the root of the domain it will be "RewriteRule ^(.+) /index.php?q=$1 [B,NE,QSA]"
  3. Navigate to the site
    1. http://localhost/xsiteable/ (or wherever you have placed the scripts)
    2. A script will run to check your configuration. Fix up any problems identified. You will also need to enter the database, username and password that you created previously.
  4. Create a .installed file if it isn't created automatically
    1. touch .installed

Create a configuration.ini file

  1. Create a application/configuration.ini file using application/configuration.sample.ini
  2. Edit application/configuration.ini and change settings as required.
  3. In particular:
    1. Add the database and user created previously
    2. Set the admin password

Initialise the database

  1. Log in to the site using the admin user
    1. Username: admin
    2. Password: [whatever you set it to]
  2. Go to the Admin page -- click on the "Admin" tab, or navigate to http://localhost/xsiteable/admin
  3. Click "Database"
  4. Click "Create tables and data"

Create a home page

See also: Creating pages.

  1. Navigate to the home page: http://localhost/xsiteable/ (or wherever you installed it)
  2. Click "Create a page here!"
    1. If you don't see a "Create a page here!" button, you are probably not logged in as admin
  3. Enter a title for the page
  4. Choose a type of template
  5. Click "Submit"

That's it.


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