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xSiteable should run fine on any standard LAMP or WAMP stack.

Web server

Apache 2+ with the following modules:

  • mod_rewrite

IIS 7+ with the following modules:

  • Rewrite

Other webservers running PHP should work fine, but we do rely on some form of rewriting. If you know how to set that up in your environment, it shouldn't take you much to figure it out. However, feel free to ask on the mailing-list, and share your experiences.


PHP 5.3 or above, with the following modules:

  • XSLT
  • PDO

It is possible that PHP 5.2+ might work, but let us know how you fare. We've set the PHP 5.3+ standard so we don't have to have a lot of code dealing with past PHP mistakes.

Database server

MySQL 5.0+

Other databases will most likely work, but haven't been tested, however xSiteable uses the basics from PDO and SQL and should be fairly compatible across most SQL databases.


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